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Project Review Step 2 - Official Species List

Use the Service's Information for Planning and Conservation (IPaC) system ( to determine if any federally-listed, proposed, or candidate species may be present in the action area. 

NOTE: some things have changed in IPaC.  Please learn more by watching this video

Click “Log In” then “Create a New Project” or continue working on one of your saved projects.

Enter your project location information.  Please draw or upload your project location.  This will allow you to get more accurate information related to potential presence of species in your action area. Confirm the location.

Click "Define the Project".  

Please enter the requested information (e.g., project name, project description). Click "Start Review."  Click "Continue."  Click "Yes, Request a Species List."  Review information, select "lead agency" and project "classification."

Click “Submit official species list request.”

What if no species are listed under the “Endangered Species Act Species List” part of the Official Species List, and you have no other information to suggest species presence?  
No further coordination under the ESA is required; you do not need to submit this project to the New York Field Office for review, and instead you can print this for your files.  

Until the proposed project is implemented, check IPaC every 90 days to ensure that species information is current (by selecting “Need an updated species list”). If any changes to the Official Species List occur, you must complete this process again for any newly identified species.

Continue to Step 5

What if species are identified under the “Endangered Species Act Species List”?  
Add all of the identified species to the species conclusions table (MS Word Format).  Continue to Step 3

Note: there are other resources, including migratory birds, available through the IPaC Resources Tab and Trust Resource Report.  This information can be helpful to consider during project planning, but is not required to be submitted for Endangered Species Act review in the species conclusion table.  One exception is the bald eagle as we encourage including that species in the table if any roosts or nests are near the project. 

Proposed species are any species of fish, wildlife, or plants that is proposed in the Federal Register to be listed under section 4 of the ESA. 

Candidate species are species of fish, wildlife, or plants for which the Service has sufficient information to propose them as endangered or threatened under the ESA, but for which development of a proposed listing regulation is precluded by other higher priority listing activities. The Service encourages consideration of these species in the environmental review process by avoiding adverse impacts to these species. Until they are proposed for listing, candidate species are not legally protected pursuant to the ESA, therefore, any actions undertaken to avoid impacts or provide protection for these species are optional.



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