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As the principal federal partner responsible for administering the Endangered Species Act (ESA), we take the lead in recovering and conserving our Nation's imperiled species by fostering partnerships, employing scientific excellence, and developing a workforce of conservation leaders.

As we work in partnership with others, our two major goals are to:
1) Protect endangered and threatened species, and then pursue their recovery; and 
2) Conserve candidate species and species-at-risk so that listing under the ESA is not necessary.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species responsibilities include the following:

- Listing, reclassifying, and delisting under the Endangered Species Act
- Providing information and biological opinions (through the Project Reviews process) to Federal Agencies on their activities that may affect listed species
- Enforcing species protection under the Act
- Overseeing recovery activities for listed species
- Providing for the protection of important habitat
- Providing assistance to States and others to assist with their endangered species conservation efforts

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The major programs or activities within the New York Field Office and Long Island Field Office Endangered Species Program include Candidate Conservation, Listing/Classification, Recovery, and Project Reviews.

For information on:
Endangered Species Permits
Endangered Species Grants

The State of New York also has an endangered species program. For more information, contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at:

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