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Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail (Novisuccinea chittenangoensis):

Federal Status: Threatened
NY State Status: Endangered


Main Threats: Limited range, human trampling of habitat and snails, flooding, collapse of rock ledge above habitat, invasive plant species


Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail
credit: Cody Gilbertson

Chittenango Falls

Species Range :

The Chittenango ovate amber snail is only known to occur at Chittenango Falls State Park, Chittenango, New York.

Current Research:

SUNY ESF M.S. Candidate Cody Gilbertson is studying the current population size at the falls and developing methods to rear young snails in captivity.

Update: Nearly 600 snails have been hatched and raised in Gilbertson's SUNY ESF lab! On October 1, 2015 approximately 200 captive-reared snails were released into the Chittenango Falls habitat to augment the wild population.

Cody Gilbertson

Recovery Plan (pdf)
Spotlight Species Action Plan (pdf)
5-year Reviews


Additional Information
Captive Breeding Press Release (pdf)
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COAS blog post by Cody Gilbertson
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Fact Sheet
For further information on the Chittenango ovate amber snail, please contact the New York Field Office at 607-753-9334.



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