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Project Review Step 3 - State Coordination

Check for any known locations of federal trust species by contacting the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP) or using the NYSDEC EAF mapper.  If a federally-listed, proposed, or candidate species is present within the action area, you will get a report from NYNHP directing you to contact the appropriate New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Regional Office.  Add any NYNHP and NYSDEC correspondence that you receive to the project review package.

What if NYNHP or NYSDEC mapper identifies species at the site or nearby?
Write "yes" for the species present column for the appropriate species on the species conclusions table and include notes about NYNHP/NYSDEC response in the notes column. If the conclusion for all species on your list is “yes” for "species present," go toStep 5 Otherwise, continue to Step 4

What if no species are identified by the NYNHP or NYSDEC mapper?
There are no known occurrences but there may still be listed species present (surveys not yet conducted).  Leave the species present column blank and continue to Step 4

Please note that the NYNHP/NYSDEC provides information on known occurrences; this information does not replace field surveys as most project sites have not been previously surveyed specifically for listed species.


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