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Refuge Support

Support to National Wildlife Refuges

The New York Field Office provides environmental contaminants expertise to the National Wildlife Refuges in New York State: 

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge 

Land Acquisition:
Biologists review potential land purchases to ensure that the Federal government does not acquire contaminated lands that may require costly cleanups later on.
For Example.....

Montezuma Lead Shot Study -
The New York Field Office has conducted a study on lands to be acquired for Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to determine whether spent lead shot presents a threat to fish and wildlife on the refuge.

Long Island National Refuge Complex and Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge
The New York Field Office has conducted Level I pre-acquisition surveys at former aviation-related sites in Sayville and Galeville to determine whether there are any contaminants present.

Refuge Studies:

For lands already within the National Refuge System, we monitor water and sediment quality and conduct biological studies to determine if contaminants pose a threat to fish and wildlife.

Montezuma Mucklands Study -
The New York Field Office has been involved in evaluating whether contaminants (generally metals and organochlorine pesticides) on formerly agricultural lands pose a threat to fish and wildlife that use Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.
Montezuma Wildlife Refuge photo

Amphibian Deformities at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge -
Many amphibians may be sensitive to environmental contaminants and other stresses. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting a nationwide study to determine if amphibian deformities are occurring on National Wildlife Refuges.  Work has been ongoing at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
;Photo of many frogs

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Last updated: March 21, 2016
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