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Natural Resource Damage Assessment

The Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) Program is designed to restore natural resources that have been impacted by releases of hazardous substances or oil spills.  Several laws provide the foundation for NRDAR, giving natural resource Trustees the legal authority to have those responsible for harm to natural resources pay to restore those resources. [1] Natural resource Trustees include Federal and State agencies and Indian Tribes that have the responsibility and authority to protect natural resources.

Restoring Natural Resources

To fulfill the mission of restoring natural resources that have been injured by oil spills or hazardous substance releases, the natural resource Trustees conduct a damage assessment to determine the extent of injury to natural resources caused by the hazardous substance release or oil spill. This information is used to determine the amount of restoration that is needed. Damage claims are for the cost of restoration, loss of use of the land or natural resources by the general public, and money spent to assess damages. Once the claim is resolved, the Trustees take action to restore the injured resources. Finally, the Trustees monitor the completed restoration projects to ensure success.

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Richardson Hill Rd. Landfill Love Canal St. Lawrence River Onondaga Hudson River Buffalo River Newtown Creek Gowanus Canal Hi View Terrace Wide Beach Genesee River Conrail Diesel Spill Cortese Landfill Brewster Wellfield Liberty Industrial Mattiace Petrochemichal Applied Environmental Services Massapequa Fish Ladder Bar Beach Project Brewster Restorations Conrail Restorations Conrail Restorations Hi-View Restoration Batavia Wetland Restoration Batavia Landfill St. Lawrence RestorationConrail Restorations Love Canal Restoration Sites

Ongoing Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Cases diamond_symbol

Buffalo River Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Gowanus Canal Natural Resource Damage Assessment (pdf)

Hudson River Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Newtown Creek Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Settlements Negotiated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (as part of the Department of the Interior): blue circle symbol from map

Applied Environmental Services, Nassau County (pdf)

Batavia Landfill, Genesee County (pdf)

Brewster Wellfield, Putnam County (pdf), and Fact Sheet (pdf)

Conrail Diesel Fuel Spill, Tompkins County (pdf)

Cortese Landfill, Sullivan County - Final Restoration Plan (pdf) and Addendum (pdf)

Hi View Terrace Restoration Plan (pdf)
Hi View Terrace Addendum

Kodak, Genesee River, Monroe County

Liberty Industrial Finishing, Nassau County

Love Canal, 102nd Street & Forest Glen Restoration Plan (pdf) and Addendum (pdf), and Niagara County Restoration Fact Sheet (pdf). Superfund sites Addressed by Restoration Plan: Figure 1.jpg, Restoration Projects Under Preferred Alternative: Figure 2.jpg and Fact Sheet

Mattiace Petrochemical Company Superfund Site, Glen Cove, Nassau County - Final Restoration Plan (1.42 MB pdf) and Addendum (pdf)

Onondaga Lake Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Richardson Hill Road Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Sinclair Refinery Superfund Site, Upper Genesee River, Allegany County - Preassessment Screen (pdf), Proposed Settlement (pdf), and Final Settlement (pdf)

St. Lawrence Environmental Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Wide Beach Development, Erie County, Consent Decree (1.24 MB pdf)


NOAA Damage Assessment and Restoration Program

[1] Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA); the Clean Water Act; the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.

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