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The Upper Susquehanna Conservation Alliance (USCA) is an alliance of agencies, organizations, academic institutions, and individuals who are working collaboratively to conduct green infrastructure planning, implement restoration and maintenance of high quality waters and habitats, protect and restore species of greatest conservation need, reduce impacts of flooding, and promote sustainable working landscapes for the people of the watershed.

In 2010, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), New York Field Office led the establishment of the USCA to promote landscape level conservation in the New York portion of the Susquehanna River/Chesapeake Bay watershed. This effort has resulted in over 200 members from 50 organizations working together in this portion of the watershed. For the past ten years, the Service has sponsored annual meetings in order to strengthen partnerships, share funding opportunities, and work collaboratively on conservation projects.

Through self-directed work groups, the USCA encourages the sharing of resources and ideas in order to develop a more united vision and to focus future actions on specific areas of need. These teams target alliance priorities, combining ideas and assets to address key concerns in a timely manner. To learn more about the work groups that target these focal areas, follow the links in the right sidebar.


Recent information:

April 2021: $60,000 currently available from USFWS, RFP out currently, inquire through USCA if interested.

March 2021: Flooding problems flyer 2021 (2MB pdf)

May 8, 2020
Please see the official Public Notice on the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, New York Comprehensive Flood Damage Reduction Feasibility Study conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). While the USACE has terminated the study for the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, recommendations for potential local projects within the watershed are identified in the notice.

This notice and the full report have been posted on the USACE website. The notice will also be posted in the Federal Register. Any questions for NYSDEC may be directed to:
Dan Fuller, PE.
Professional Engineer 1 (Environmental)
Region 7 Division of Water  - Flood Protection and Dam Safety
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
1679 US Route 11
Kirkwood, NY 13795

April 2019: $30,000 currently available from USFWS, RFP out currently, inquire through USCA if interested.

4/12/19 Available now! Upper Susquehanna River Basin Study Fish & Wildlife Coordination Act Report - Comprehensive Flood Damage Reduction Study (4 MB PDF)



Our contact list is growing quickly with new collaborators from within New York State and from other states interested in the Upper Susquehanna, the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay.   If you are interested in getting further information about the USCA, please contact:

David Stilwell, Chairman, Upper Susquehanna Conservation Alliance
Project Leader of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, New York Field Office
3817 Luker Road
Cortland, NY  13045
Phone: (607) 753-9334

Disclaimer: The USCA is has no affiliation and is not a registered organization.  It is a collaborative working organization, led by the Service's New York FIeld Office.  There are no fees associated with membership. Collaborators are affiliated with groups including:



Work Groups:

Roadside Ditch

Conservation Planning

Flood/USRB working group

Eastern Brook Trout

Pearly Mussel

Eastern Hellbender



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