Research and Scientific Publications

Since the early 1900s, researchers have recognized the uniqueness of the waters and submerged lands within the monument boundaries. This recognition has piqued the interests of oceanographers, who are a special type of scientist that studies the ocean. There are a variety of different types of oceanographers –including physical, geological, chemical, and biological – depending on their interests. These scientists design research projects in order to try to better understand these lands and waters, and often conduct their research within the boundary of the monument itself, as in the images on this page.

One key component of the scientific process is publishing one’s findings in a peer reviewed journal. The peer review process allows other experts in the field to evaluate the scientific methods used in a study and ultimately determines an academic paper’s suitability for publication.

Research conducted within the monument and the resulting peer reviewed publications have greatly contributed to our knowledge of how this ocean ecosystem operates and who its key players are. In an effort to help us better understand what research has been done in this portion of the ocean, we have attempted to compile a list of studies and their published results. We know that this list is not comprehensive; however, we intend to continue in that direction.

The attached Excel document is an initial draft that includes brief descriptions of studies that have taken place within the monument (and adjacent waters) and their resulting publication(s).