Visitor Activities

Recreational Fishing

Under Presidential Proclamation 9496, recreational fishing is allowed in the monument consistent with applicable fishery management plans, federal laws and regulations that protect marine species, and the protection of all other resources in the submerged lands and waters within the monument.

Currently, the NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic and Southeast regions include for-hire and charter vessels within the definition of recreational anglers for management purposes. The Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Management Division includes private vessels, charter vessels, and headboat vessels within the definition of recreational fishermen for management purposes. Recreational fishing must be in accordance with applicable fishery management plans and other applicable laws and other requirements.

Recreational fishermen are not permitted to use regular anchors within the monument; however, sea anchors (typically an object dragged behind the vessel in the water column to stabilize a vessel’s drift) are allowed as they do not anchor the vessel nor do they alter submerged lands.

Bird and Marine Mammal Viewing

Under Presidential Proclamation 9496, activities that do not impact monument resources, such as bird and marine mammal watching, are allowed as long as those activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Please consult marine mammal viewing guidelines.