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Endangered Species

Federally Listed Species

Bog Turtle
New Eastern Black Rail [Southeast Region web site]
Piping Plover
Rufa Red Knot
Roseate Tern [ECOS]
Indiana Bat
Northern Long-eared Bat
Dwarf Wedgemussel
Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Rusty Patched Bumble Bee [Historical in NJ]
Small Whorled Pogonia
Swamp Pink
Knieskern's Beaked-rush
American Chaffseed
Sensitive Joint-vetch
Seabeach Amaranth

Candidate Species

New Monarch Butterfly [National web site]

Species Evaluated for Listing

New New Jersey Species Being Evaluated [PDF]
Listing Workplan
New Doll's Daisy [2020]
Cobblestone Tiger Beetle [2019]
Bicknell’s Thrush [2017]
Hirst Brothers’ Panic Grass [2016]
American Eel [2007 and 2015]
Alewife and Blueback Herring [2013 and 2019]
Eastern Small-footed Bat [2013]
Bog Asphodel [2012]
Cerulean Warbler [2006]

General Information

The Endangered Species Program in New Jersey [PDF]
Endangered Species Overview
Endangered Species FAQ
Section 7(a)(1) Compliance Guide

New Federally Listed and Candidate Species in New Jersey [PDF]
New Jersey State Contacts for Species Information [PDF]
Species Narratives - Overview of Biology and Threats [PDF]
Emergency Consultation Procedures [PDF]
Understanding Land Use Decisions in New Jersey
Communication Towers and Antennas in New Jersey [PDF]
Beach Management Planning in New Jersey [PDF]

Northeast Region Endangered Species Program
National Endangered Species Program

Delisted Species

Bald Eagle [ECOS]
Bald Eagle Migratory Birds web site [background information]
Bald Eagle Northeast Region web site [management information]

Peregrine Falcon [ECOS]

Last updated: February 8, 2021
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