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Service Unveils "Buyer Beware" exhibit at Logan Airport

April 5, 2011


Bill Butcher, USFWS, (413) 658-7356
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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced the unveiling of a wildlife exhibit at Logan Airport, entitled, "Buyer Beware." The exhibit, opening at 10 a.m., showcases products made from endangered and protected wildlife species designed to educate international travelers about the hazards of purchasing wildlife products abroad and importing them back into the United States.

Buyer beware exhibit. Credit: USFWS
Buyer beware exhibit. Credit: USFWS

A collaboration between the Service and Massport, the display is located in the international departure terminal (Terminal E) where travelers, preparing to fly out of the country, can view illicit wildlife souvenirs that they may unknowingly purchase abroad and attempt to import into the U.S. Many travelers do not realize when items are made from species protected by U.S. and international law and are subject to seizure and/or fines.

The exhibit, an 8 ft. by 6 ft. glass-enclosed case, will also contain fact sheets, brochures and other informational displays that travelers can take with them abroad and contact federal wildlife authorities to determine whether they can import certain wildlife items back into the country or find out what permits may be necessary for lawful imports.

Among the featured items will be:

  • African elephant ivory carvings
  • Toys made of seal fur
  • Sea turtle skin and shell items
  • Snow leopard skin
  • Cheetah slippers
  • Asian medicinals
  • Puffin, macaw and other exotic bird exhibits
  • Zebra gun case
  • Reptile skin products

A portion of the exhibit is entitled, "Anything to Declare," to remind international travelers of the need to fill out declaration forms for certain wildlife products.

"Our Buyer Beware display is intended to educate international travelers that wildlife souvenirs they may be tempted to purchase could be made from endangered or protected species," said Sal Amato, Special Agent in Charge of the Service's Northeast Regional Office of Law Enforcement. "We hope that travelers will think twice before purchasing protected wildlife items, contact federal authorities stateside for more information, and avoid unnecessary delays upon re-entry into the U.S. by declaring legal wildlife purchases."

"Massport is pleased to provide a venue for a United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife informational exhibit at Logan Airport," Avian Director, Ed Freni said. "It's important that Massport assists agencies with educating the public with vital information relating to preserving endangered species at home and abroad." The exhibit is tentatively scheduled to be on display for three to four months, with the possibility of a longer commitment.

Media is encouraged to attend the announcement at 10 a.m., will have the opportunity to photograph and videotape the exhibit, and will have access to Service staff for on-camera and print interviews.


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