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Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Conservation Initiative
AFSI storymap The Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative (AFSI) is an unprecedented endeavor to implement conservation for shorebirds across an enormous geographic scale that involves numerous federal, state, provincial, and local governments, conservation groups, universities, and individuals. This story map presents how the AFSI partners are addressing threats to shorebird populations and are working to meet the Initiative's conservation goal of increasing focal shorebird populations 10% by 2025.
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Atlantic Flyway shorebird species have experienced declines of between 50 percent and 90 percent within the last three decades, an alarming trend that requires the continuation of current conservation actions and an immediate response for additional efforts. The Atlantic Flyway shorebird community came together to develop a business strategy that emphasizes the involvement of scientists, advocates, funders and other practitioners all working together for prioritized, on-the-ground actions that move toward specific, measurable outcomes.

The first phase of the strategy focuses on conservation projects in Canada and the United States, while future iterations will include focus on engagement with Caribbean and South American conservation partners. The goal of this conservation strategy is to create a long-term platform for stability and recovery of focal species identified and to increase current shorebird population levels by 10-15 percent by 2025.

Full version of the Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative can be found here.

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative Executive Summary (English) (PDF - 1.27MB)

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative Executive Summary (French) (PDF - 297KB)

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative Executive Summary (Portugese) (PDF - 1.05MB)

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative Executive Summary (Spanish) (PDF - 1.00MB)


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Last updated: November 7, 2017