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Maryland Fishery Resources Office Staff

Steve Minkkinen Project Leader, Mid-Atlantic Aquatic Nuisance Species Council, Atlantic Sturgeon Recovery, American Eel Restoration, ASMFC Striped Bass technical committee, shad and herring restoration 410-573-4506 biologist with sturgeon
Mike Mangold Assistant Project Leader, Atlantic Sturgeon Cooperative Tagging Program, Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) Region 5 Coordinator and Instructor 410-573-4509 biologist holding catfish
Myra (Jody) Heineman Administrative Assistant 410-573-4512 Admin Assistant
John Gill Fisheries Biologist, fish habitat restoration, wetland restoration, shad and herring restoration, ASMFC habitat committee 410-573-4511 Biologist on boat
Julie Devers Fisheries Biologist, freshwater mussel monitoring, American Eel restoration, National Fish Passage Program, Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership, North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative 410-573-4508 Biologist holding freshwater mussels
Joshua Newhard Fisheries Biologist, snakehead monitoring, Striped Bass Cooperative Tagging Program, American shad restoration, American Eel Restoration, ASMFC Menhaden Technical Committee, Horseshoe Crab Cooperative Tagging Program 410-573-4503 biologist on boat




Last updated: February 18, 2016
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