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A wide variety of projects are in progress at the Maryland Fishery Resources Office (MFRO). MFRO biologists coordinate and manage cooperative tagging programs for striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, and horseshoe crab to provide information in the conservation and management of the species. 

In addition, biologists are working with partners to develop a captive breeding population of Atlantic sturgeon for possible future stocking efforts. Efforts have been ongoing for determining if there is a spawning population of endangered shortnose sturgeon in the Potomac River. Projects are underway to learn more about the habitat preferences and ecological impact of eels migrating upstream and downstream in Chesapeake Bay tributaries. MFRO is currently working with MD and VA in monitoring the invasive Northern snakehead population in the Potomac River. Biologists are also involved in assisting the USFWS Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in monitoring fish habitat restoration projects.

Please click the links below to learn more about ongoing projects at the MFRO!

Striped bass Northern Snakehead Monitoring
Atlantic Sturgeon Coastal Tagging Program Atlantic Sturgeon Recovery
Horseshoe Crab American Shad
Patapsco River Shad and Herring Restoration Eel Passage
Freshwater Mussel Monitoring Prime Hook Habitat Restoration and Fish Monitoring
Fish Passage Program  



Last updated: February 18, 2016
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