Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge
Northeast Region
P.O. Box 240
2756 Dam Road
Errol, NH 03579
(603) 482-3415

Vegetation Surveys

Botanist conducting a marsh survey. Credit: USFWS
  Botanist conducting a marsh survey. Credit: USFWS

Wildlife Habitat Survey

The objectives of this survey are to collect basic, general data on vegetation structure and plant species composition relevant to upland vertebrate populations, especially birds, and to establish a plant species list for the Refuge. Permanent plots are being established to monitor changes over time.

Wetland Vegetation Survey

This survey involves setting up plots on the Refuge wetlands. Vegetation will be surveyed to establish baseline information on wetland plant communities and permanent plots will be set up to note changes over time. Two large wetland complexes (Leonard Marsh and Harper's Meadow) have been intensively surveyed thus far.

Marsh Bird Habitat Survey

This survey involves mapping and identifying the vegetation in 50 meter radius plots around marsh bird survey points. The purpose is to identify and monitor habitat for marsh birds and link birds to vegetative composition.

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Last updated: November 23, 2009