Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge
Northeast Region
P.O. Box 240
2756 Dam Road
Errol, NH 03579
(603) 482-3415
Pitfall survey. Credit: USFWS
Pitfall survey. Credit: USFWS  

Terrestrial Amphibians and Small Mammals Survey

Six pitfall trap arrays are set up in different refuge habitats to survey terrestrial amphibians and small mammals. The traps are baited and checked for a period of four days each summer. The captured animals are identified, measured and released. The most common small mammals recorded are: masked shrew, southern red-backed vole, northern short-tailed shrew, and southern bog lemming. The most common amphibians recorded are: American toad, wood frog, mink frog and green frog.


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Last updated: November 23, 2009