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Fish Friends

Atlantic salmon eggs near hatching. Credit: USFWS
Atlantic salmon eggs near hatching. Credit: USFWS

The eggs are coming!!

Each year Green Lake National Fish Hatchery provides Atlantic salmon eggs for rearing in temperature-controlled classroom incubator units in partnership with the Maine Council Atlantic Salmon Federation. In the Fish Friends program, the students monitor the growth of the eggs and the hatching process, and in early May the students release the six-month old fry into their parents' native river watershed. The program provides the students with a first-hand experience in stewardship efforts to restore endangered populations of an ESA-protected species to prevent its extinction from the natural world. Program activities also provide the students an outdoor experience which parallels classroom learning in watershed dynamics and the impact human activity has upon the natural world.

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Green Lake National Fish Hatchery raises over two million Atlantic salmon eggs each year. Several thousand are earmarked for the U. S. Fish & Wildlife's partnership with the Atlantic Salmon Federation Fish Friends education/outreach program. The others will be raised to the smolt stage at the hatchery and released into Maine rivers in the spring.


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Last updated: February 22, 2016
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