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Region 5 - National Wildlife Refuge Boundary Project

The boundaries of National Wildlife Refuges in the Northeast, Region 5, have been digitized.

Mylar ownership status maps, maintained by the USFWS Realty Division, were coordinated to the USGS 1:24,000 topographic maps and manually digitized. The arcs and polygons are coded according to refuge, division and ownership status.

In this ownership status map of Parker River NWR, pink lines represent currently owned boundaries, yellow are approved for acquisition but not owned, blue lines represent both approved acquisition and currently owned boundaries, and dark gray defines individual parcels.

For more information on exactly how this was done and the details of the coding scheme, see the nwrsop.

In most areas of the northeast there is other information that can be overlaid with the refuge boundary at a common scale. Here at Parker River NWR, the 1985 landuse data layer provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is shown with the refuge boundaries. (Check out the Mass GIS Home Page for more info on digital data available for Mass.)

For information on GIS data available from states in Region 5, try the States GIS Links Page

The boundaries can also be displayed over satellite images, such as this LandSat image, or digital orthophoto quads (digital geo-referenced aerial photography). Areas of interest to many different users can be seen in reasonably accurate relation to the refuge boundaries.

To see which refuge boundaries have been finished, examine information about each cover, or download the data, check the refuge boundary data page.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing national standards for digitizing and managing boundary data for Service lands. A description of the project can be found at: Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Guidelines. We will convert the refuge boundaries to the new standard once it has been formally adopted.

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