Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA R5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2001 Attendees: Linda Shaffer/NWRS-CSDS Andrew MacLachlan/ES-SNE/NYB Bill Zinni/NWRS-Planning Chris Castiglione/FR-Lower Great Lakes FRO (by telephone) Team members not in attendance: Mike Drummond/ES-VAFO Mike Weaver/LE Linda Repasky/RDT Michelle Babione/NWRS-Conte NWR Ralph Tiner/ES-NWI Todays meeting started at 1:35 pm. We discussed the results of the GIS User survey conducted between Nov. 26 and Dec. 10, 2001. We emailed surveys to 111 users and received 50 responses via email and fax for a respectable 45% response rate. Chris compiled the results into an MS Excel spreadsheet and we used his summary for today's review. He had to interpret some of the responses, for example, where instead of rating items the respondent placed checkmarks. Andrew noted that we received responses from 40 field offices. For some offices, more than one staff person responded. We reviewed Chris' summary of the results and made the following comments: 1. General Question 2. Technical Support Questions 3. Spatial Data Library Questions 4. Outreach Questions Overall, the Team is pleased with the results of the survey and find them to be useful for directing our agenda. We then discussed alternates for the Team. Bill noted that Alison Whitlock, Lindsay Krey, and Tom Bonetti are interested in participating. Linda noted that John Eaton is interested in serving. Action Items All the old action items are closed, since they were related to the survey. New action items: No date was set for the next meeting of the full R5 GIS Team.