Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA Attendees: Linda Shaffer/NWRS-CSDS Andrew MacLachlan/ES-SNE/NYB Chris Castiglione/FR-Lower Great Lakes FRO (by telephone) Mike Drummond/ES-VAFO (by telephone) Team members not in attendance: Bill Zinni/NWRS-Planning Mike Weaver/LE Linda Repasky/RDT Michelle Babione/NWRS-Conte NWR Ralph Tiner/ES-NWI Todays meeting started at 10:45 am. We began by discussing the GIS user survey that Ralph proposed at our last meeting. We agreed that it would be best to send out one multi-purpose survey rather than 3 or 4 smaller ones each geared toward specific subteam issues. We feel that users would be more responsive to one survey even if it is somewhat lengthy, rather than numerous surveys. We reviewed the original questionnaire from 1999 that resulted in production of the "GIS Resources in Region 5" booklet and MS Access database. We discussed whether or not to include questions from the original questionnaire in this new survey. In order to keep the survey to a reasonable size, we decided to include only the first question (Which category best describes your GIS operation?). We will revisit the original questionnaire next spring when it's time to update the booklet again. Andrew presented the Technical Support Subteam's suggestion for survey questions. Linda presented the Spatial Data Library Subteam's suggestion for survey questions. Comments were generally favorable. Linda will call Michelle to see if there's a need for an Outreach Subteam survey. Chris said that answers to some of the other subteam questions will provide valuable information to the Outreach subteam. The subteams should now proceed with finalizing their survey questions. Andrew and Linda will format the final survey form and circulate it to the R5 GIS Team prior to its intended release on November 26, 2001. We agreed to send the survey to the Lotus Notes group of GIS users, which includes all GIS contacts listed in the GIS Resources booklet and those who have attended the last two Region 5 GIS Workshops. The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am. Action Items from our last meeting (10/11): ACTION ITEM The subteam chairs are to submit their draft surveys to Linda by November 6th. DONE Our goal is to send out the survey by Nov. 26 with a due date from respondents of December 10. ACTION ITEM Linda will schedule an RDT briefing in the Feb-Mar 2002 time frame. ACTION ITEM Michelle suggested and we agreed to find an alternate for each member of the R5 GIS Coordination Team. No date was set for our next meeting.