Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA Attendees: Linda Shaffer/NWRS-CSDS Michelle Babione/NWRS-Conte NWR Ralph Tiner/ES-NWI Andrew MacLachlan/ES-SNE/NYB (by telephone) Chris Castiglione/FR-Lower Great Lakes FRO (by telephone) Team members not in attendance: Bill Zinni/NWRS-Planning Mike Drummond/ES-VAFO Mike Weaver/LE Linda Repasky/RDT Todays meeting started at 10:30 am with reports from each subteam. Outreach Subteam - Michelle Babione, Chair Members: Ken Sturm, Greg Breese, Kendra Willett, Kate O'Brien, Marci Caplis, Chris Castiglione Mission: To develop a strategic outreach and marketing plan for GIS in Region 5. Michelle reported that the subteam has completed an initial review of target audiences, their reasons for interest in GIS, their levels of GIS understanding, and their misunderstandings about GIS. The subteams next task is to identify the most important issues and audiences and then strategize about where we should go with marketing GIS to Region 5. Technical Support Subteam - Andrew MacLachlan, Chair Members: Bob Houston, Jean Fujikawa, Laurie Wunder, Tom Eagle Mission: To develop a plan for providing technical support to GIS users ranging from novice to advanced experience levels in Region 5. Andrew reported that the subteam is identifying what types of technical support are needed and categorizing user levels and their specific needs. They are investigating support systems in government agencies and NGOs. Spatial Data Library Subteam - Linda Shaffer, Chair Members: Andrew MacLachlan, Michelle Babione, Chris Castiglione, Gabe DeAlessio, Herb Berquist, Roger Stone, John Eaton, Leon Latino Mission: To develop a plan to make spatial data available for use by Region 5 GIS users. Linda reported that the subteam agreed to an agenda of identifying data layers most needed by R5 users; determining how to acquire, standardize, update, store, and distribute the data; and developing alternatives and a recommendation to accomplish and fund the effort. The subteam identified 7 most-needed data layers: 1:12,000 scale digital orthophoto quads high resolution satellite imagery 1:24,000 scale hydrography (NHD) digital elevation models (NED) land use/land cover vegetation (NVCS) tax parcel data During the subteam reports, Ralph suggested that a re-survey of field stations would be useful for determining the progress of GIS acceptance and use in Region 5. As we proceeded, it became clear to all of us that a multi-purpose survey with 3 distinct sections geared toward each subteams mission would be a useful tool for not only finding out how many offices are now using GIS, but also for furthering the work of each subteam and gleaning gems of information from the field to report to the RDT. Each subteam chair will draft a survey of their issues. Chris emailed the initial survey form (the questionnaire that resulted in the Region 5 GIS Resources Booklet) to all participants as a starting point. The subteam chairs are to submit their draft surveys to Linda by Nov. 6. ACTION ITEM:Our goal is to send out the survey by Nov. 26 with a due date from respondents of December 10. We agreed to wait until late February - early March to schedule an RDT briefing. By that time the survey results will be compiled and the outreach plan will be complete. ACTION ITEM Linda will schedule an RDT briefing for that time frame. Michelle noted that each subteam should follow the same outline for their proposed plan. The plans can then be merged to form the Region 5 GIS Plan. The general outline will be to propose 3 alternatives: one outlining a plan and associated costs if we are provided a significant budget; the second outlining a plan and associated costs if we are provided a reasonable budget; and one outlining a plan if we are not provided a budget (the status quo alternative). ACTION ITEM Michelle suggested and we agreed to find an alternate for each member of the R5 GIS Coordination Team. This will expand the teams depth and institutional knowledge as well as provide continuity in case of a team members departure. Once the list of alternates is complete, Michelle will send out a welcome message to them with a historical background on the teams formation and accomplishments. Linda noted the following items: copies of the Kick Start GIS package are available for distribution the National FWS GIS Workshop will be held at NCTC Jan 22-25, 2002 Jaymee Fojtik has been selected as the Region 4 GIS Coordinator and will be assigned to the IRM office. Our next meeting date is set for Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 10:30 am in the RO. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.