Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA Memorandum Date: October 2, 2002 From: Linda Shaffer Subject: R5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes Attendees: Linda Shaffer/NWRS-CSDS Michelle Babione/NWRS-Conte NWR Andrew MacLachlan/ES-SNE/NYB Chris Castiglione/FR-Lower Great Lakes FRO (by telephone) Mike Drummond/ES-VAFO (by telephone) Team members not in attendance: Mike Weaver/LE Ed Christoffers/RDT Bill Zinni/NWRS-Planning Ralph Tiner/ES-NWI Today=s meeting started at 9:00 am with a review of our last meeting=s minutes. We noted that Ed Christoffers is now the RDT Liaison for our team. Many thanks to Linda Repasky who has served that role for the past 2 years. The agreement between USGS/BLM and ESRI for the enterprise licensing scheme on ESRI software and products is not yet complete. FWS doesn't yet have the final dollar figures for how much it will cost for FY03. Deb Green has, however, gathered support in Washington for FWS to sign the agreement once it is finalized. Washington will determine how the costs will be split amongst the Regions and/or programs. In the meantime, if someone needs to purchase an ESRI product, the only option is to use GSA pricing. We suggest waiting until the agreement is finalized, though, since GSA pricing is quite high. We discussed finalization of the R5 GIS Strategic Plan for Outreach and the Spatial Data Library (SDL). Michelle will add further comments gathered at today's meeting and information on estimated costs for the various Outreach options. Linda will finish incorporating SDL Strategic Plan comments and meet with the SDL Subteam on Oct. 10 to finalize the plan. Linda and Michelle will meet on Oct. 9 to hammer out a briefing to the RDT on the Strategic Plan. We will include recommendations and budget requests. The RDT Briefing is scheduled for Oct. 21 8:30 to 9:00 am. We then briefly discussed our Team response to the Gulf of Maine Program's habitat analysis proposal that we submitted to the RDT (via Ed Christoffers) and to GOMP staff. Ed thanked us for the response and noted that the RDT will discuss a regional needs assessment for the final products of the proposed analysis at a future stay-at-home meeting. Meanwhile, Andrew will contact GOMP staff to gauge their reaction to our response. Team members will attend 2 meetings in November and provide briefings on GIS issues and activities. Linda will attend the NWRS Project Leaders meeting in Auburn, NY November 4-5 to brief them on GIS activities. She will ask for feedback on the Outreach Strategic Plan proposals for Project Leaders. Michelle will attend the Regional Biologists meeting in Hadley November 19-20 and coordinate their GIS activities with ours. We discussed the January workshop for the remainder of the meeting. The initial call for presentations and volunteers resulted in responses from 2 volunteers and several presentation proposals by FWS and USGS staff. Proposed FWS-R5 presentations are: Proposed presentations by others are: We also had a request from staff at the Boston office of The Wilderness Society to attend the meeting. We agreed that they are welcome to attend since attendance is not limited to Service and federal GIS enthusiasts. See list of action items below for more workshop issues. A summary of requests that we will be making from the RDT are: 1. Strategic Plan budget requests. 2. Workshop:
We adjourned at 10:35 am much to the relief of the Fisheries staff who had reserved the 
room for 10:30 and were eagerly anticipating the start of their staff meeting.


1.	DONE!     Linda will add costs of commercial data acquisition to the SDL 
Strategic Plan. Michelle will arrange a GIS update briefing at the Regional Biologists fall 

2.	DONE!      Linda will send minutes of this Team=s meetings to Regional Biologist staff (Jan Taylor, Hal 
Laskowski, Jennifer Casey, Joe Dowhan).

3.	DONE!       Linda will meet with RDT administrative staff to schedule an October 
or November RDT briefing on the strategic plan for Outreach and SDL.

4.	WILL DO ON OCTOBER 21 at 8:30 AM.    Linda and Michelle will present a briefing 
to the RDT on the Outreach and SDL strategic plans.

5.	DONE!      Michelle will write a draft response to the request for review of the 
GOMP proposal for expanding watershed habitat analysis.


6.	DONE!     Chris will write a draft message to all R5 employees (plus other 
region=s GIS
coordinators) announcing the January 2003 workshop and calling for papers/presentations
and volunteers to help out with the workshop. Travel dates are January 28 and 31. 
Workshop dates are January 29-30. Hours are 8:00 - 4:30. Location is Regional Office
auditorium and computer training room. Interested persons should respond to Linda by Nov.
12 with their presentation ideas.

7.	IN WORK.   Linda will handle registration and food for the workshop and will get 
clerical assistance from someone in the RO. We=ll send out an email in December with a reminder 
in January requesting folks to register for the workshop in early January. This email must 
include the anticipated registration fee (cost of lunch and refreshments) and the draft workshop agenda. 

8.	Ralph is in charge of nametags.

9.	IN WORK.   Mike Drummond will handle the R5 GIS Resources booklet update.

10.	IN WORK.   Michelle and Andrew will develop the workshop agenda, coordinate
presentations and assist the presenters. Draft agenda is due Dec. 2.  They will develop an
anticipated budget for travel expenses for Mark Anderson and John Sauer.

11.	IN WORK.   Linda will investigate gifts/tokens for presenters, helpers, and 
attendees. Must estimate the cost and request a budget for this from the RDT.

12.	Andrew will invite an ESRI representative to attend, bring materials, provide a 
Doctor's office or similar service, assist users with the ESRI online course  "Migrating 
from ArcView 3.2 to ArcView 8, and answer questions about ArcGIS 8.

13.	Andrew will talk to External Affairs staff to request the services of an audiovisual 
specialist to assist during the workshop.

14.	Linda will request the following services from the RDT: keynote address (10-15 
minutes)by Dr. Mamie Parker, morning and afternoon introductions (3) by RDT members.

15.	GIS Team members will introduce the presenters and serve as time cops to keep the
workshop on schedule.

16.	Marci Caplis will facilitate the federal agency panel discussion and the R5 GIS 
Coordination Team feedback session.

17.	Linda will assign a volunteer the task of reserving a block of rooms at a nearby 

18.	Linda will ask Rick Schauffler to serve as GIS expert in residence in the computer 
room to assist users with ArcGIS 8.

19.	The registration table will serve: sign-in sheet, name tags, tokens, workshop 
agenda, drafting dots for hanging posters, NCTC training materials, "GIS Resources in 
Region 5" booklet.