Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

June 23, 1999 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA The attendance list is provided at the end of the minutes. Agenda The following proposed agenda was approved by the team: 1. Approve agenda 2. Decide on method to select Coordination Team Chair 3. Decide on subteams 4. Select subteam chairs 5. Choose date for next meeting Team Chair The Team identified some of the primary responsibilities of the Coordination Team Chair: Organize meetings of the R5 GIS Coordination Team Keep subteams going Serve on National GIS Steering Committee The National GIS Steering Committee meets twice a year, with one of the meetings held in conjunction with the annual Service GIS meeting.  The next Steering Committee meeting will be this November.  The possibility of someone other than the Chair serving on the National Committee was also discussed. It was decided that the Coordination Team Chair will be chosen at the next Team meeting. Role of Team The Team discussed ways to assist with the upcoming RDT presentation on the results of the May GIS Coordination Meeting.  The Team decided to prepare a short document consisting of maps from each of the programs represented on the GIS Coordination Team, with bullets explaining the use of (and need for) GIS.  Andrew MacLachlan and Michelle Babione will prepare example bullet pages to serve as a template for the other programs.  Andrew, Michelle, and Linda Shaffer will compile the document. Throughout the meeting, additional roles were identified for the Team.  These include:  increasing awareness and recognition for the importance of GIS services, addressing funding issues, and organizing the next GIS users meeting.  These items can be addressed at the next Team meeting. Subteams The Team decided on forming two subteams to address issues identified during the May GIS Coordination Meeting.  These Subteams will meet before the next Team meeting. Training and Tech Support Subteam Kimber Sprankle (will organize the first meeting) Beth Goettle Rick Schauffler, R5 Realty (suggested) Marcia McNiff, NCTC GIS Training Coordinator (suggested) Kate O'Brien, Great Bay NWR (expressed interest) Data Issues Subteam Andrew MacLachlan (will organize the first meeting) Linda Shaffer Ralph Tiner Fisheries representative (Michelle will find) Bill Zinni (in an advisory capacity) Norm Olson or representative (in an advisory capacity) Next Meeting Date The next meeting of the Team will be "in person" on Wednesday, October 20, in the Regional Office.  Linda Shaffer will reserve a room for the meeting.  Suggested agenda items include: Subteam reports Select R5 GIS Coordination Team Chair Select National GIS Steering Committee Representative for Region 5 Begin planning R5 GIS User Workshop, tentatively for the Jan/Feb 2000 timeframe. Attendee Program Andrew MacLachlan Coastal Ecosystems Programs Kimber Sprankle Ecological Services field offices Michelle Babione Fisheries Ralph Tiner National Wetlands Inventory Bill Zinni Realty/Acquisition planning Linda Shaffer Realty/Carto & Spatial Data Services Beth Goettle Refuge field offices Most of the Team members attended the meeting in person at the Regional Office, and few members attended over the phone.  Maria Stewart, ES/LE ADP Coordinator, also joined in on the meeting.   Representatives from the Refuge Planning/CCP group and the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture were unable to attend.