Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA
Member Participating: Marci Caplis, Chris Castiglione, Andrew MacLachlan, Linda Shaffer,
Mike Weaver
Members Absent: Michelle Babione, Mike Drummand, Ralph Tiner, Bill Zinni, Linda Repasky (RDT liaison)
Agenda: Welcome new member, Mike Weaver - LE in Maryland
Status of draft memo on improved interoffice/interprogram cooperation and recognition
Status of draft memo on vegetation classification and mapping on refuges
GIS Resources Booklet - needs 'printing' (web versus paper)
Possible next issues to address, using help from new interested people identified from the GIS workshop:
Study of tech support options for GIS, and recommendations for developing various levels of a support system in the future;
Develop an outreach plan for GIS team.
Welcome to Mike Weaver, new team member. In a few weeks, Mike will be moving from his current law enforcement job in MD, to Charleston, WV where he will be the LE Special Agent for the state. One specific GIS application that interests him in LE work is the use of maps and aerial photos to show access to sites with reported violations. Status of the memo drafted for signature by Mamie Parker, RD, on interoffice GIS cooperation. The second draft from the Team was received by Linda Repasky and forwarded to the RDT for comments. Status of memo from GIS Team commenting on refuge vegetation mapping project. Most members agree that the Team is not in a position to comment on the use of the National Vegetation Classification system, which was mandated by the DOI Secretary, or on the efforts by the R5 refuge zone biologists to have supplemental keys developed for the NVC. However, assuming organized vegetation mapping does take place on R5 refuges, the team has some comments on protocols for mapping and automation of vegetation data. Andrew will develop a draft of these comments for team review, before providing it to Ed Christophers, SA for Ecosystems, who initially requested input from the GIS Team. Printing and distribution of the updated R5 GIS Resources Booklet. Mike Drummond has finished updates to the inventory of personnel and offices in R5 with GIS tools and experience. The document is stored in Microsoft Access database format. The team agreed to provide a paper copy of the booklet to the approximately 50 people on the GIS email list and to members of the RDT. The digital version of the document will be posted on the R5 GIS web page ( via link from ( Andrew will draft a cover memo to accompany the printed document. Linda will arrange to have the document and cover memo copied and mailed. Research and report on long-term options for GIS technical support development. An interest of many participants in the 2001 R5 GIS workshop was for sources of GIS support. The GIS Team reported this to the RDT at our March meeting with them, and recommended a suite of options be developed. The Team agreed it was time to collect information about technical support systems through the formation of a new sub-team, and to generate implementation options that could be considered for Region 5. Andrew will try to enlist help from some GIS users who, at the recent workshop, expressed a willing to help the team. Develop an outreach plan for GIS team. The Team also agreed it was time to generate an outreach plan through the formation of a new sub-team. Before the meeting, Michelle provided some ideas for Team outreach that could serve as encouragement for people interested in participating. Marci will send these ideas to team members for additions and comments. Linda will seek new participation to develop the plan from some attendees to the GIS workshop. Chris is interested in being involved.