Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA

The sixth meeting of the Region 5 GIS Coordination Team was held on April 11 at the Regional Office computer training room. Linda Shaffer organized and chaired the meeting, which was attended by the following members:

Realty/Cartography and Spatial Data ServicesLinda Shaffer
Regional DirectorateKris LaMontagne
Ecological Services Field OfficesKimber Sprankle
Coastal Ecosystems ProgramsAndrew MacLachlan
FisheriesMichelle Babione

Representatives from the National Wetlands Inventory, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, Refuge Field Offices, the Refuge Planning/CCP Group, and Realty/Acquisition Planning were unable to attend, along with one of the Fisheries representatives.

The primary purpose of this meeting was to prepare for Kris LaMontagne's April 27 presentation to the RDT regarding the JumpStart GIS.


The RDT presentation will be 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes of explanation followed by a 10-minute computer demonstration of the JumpStart GIS. The objective of the presentation will be to garner support for the project by showing that it is well thought-out and will provide a real tool to field stations.


A one-page handout (to be prepared by Linda Shaffer) will explain the JumpStart GIS product, timing (i.e., delivery date), training (workshop), and challenges (i.e., increased demand for data sets). Color printouts of some of the maps from the demo will also be passed out, along with a draft copy of the JumpStart GIS User's Manual.


The technical aspects of the presentation demo were discussed, and a demo design/structure was developed to maximize ease of use and to minimize crashes and other unproductive mishaps. Andrew will be designing ArcView projects for both the regional and the focus area data sets.


Kimber reported that NCTC will be available for a January workshop. To help publicize the JumpStart GIS, Kris suggested that a hands-on GIS kiosk be set up during Ecoteam and Project Leader meetings in addition to short presentations about the product. Two team members have provided feedback to Michelle regarding the JumpStart GIS Users Manual--additional suggestions would be most welcome.

The Team discussed the scale and quality of the data layers to be provided through the JumpStart GIS. Specifically, the various versions of coastline do not line up with one another when viewed at a small scale. It was decided that these types of discrepancies would be explained to new users via a FAQ, along with suggestions as to the appropriateness of different resolutions of data for different applications.

The Team discussed how to handle the increase in data requests that will be generated by the JumpStart GIS. Kris suggested that we first establish the increased need for GIS data, and then look for solutions. One idea is to establish sub-libraries throughout the region to distribute the workload. Another idea is to set up a contractor to copy the CD's as needed, and then charge the copying costs to the station that requested the data.