Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA March 1, 2000 Final Minutes from the March 1 Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting The fifth meeting of the Region 5 GIS Coordination Team was held on March 1 at the Regional Office. Linda Shaffer organized and chaired the meeting, which was attended by the following members:
Realty/Cartography and Spatial Data Services Linda Shaffer
National Wetlands InventoryRalph Tiner
FisheriesMichelle Babione
Ecological Services Field OfficesKimber Sprankle (via telephone)
Coastal Ecosystems ProgramsAndrew MacLachlan (via telephone)
FisheriesChris Castiglione (via telephone)
Representatives from the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, Refuge Field Offices, the Refuge
Planning/CCP Group, Realty/Acquisition Planning, and the RDT Mentor were unable to attend.

Data Layer Research
Information (regarding file size, source, projection, format) on many of the data layers to be
provided on the Jump Start GIS CD was presented.  Complete information about some of the
data layers is still forthcoming from other team members.  Chuck Hayes will look at the state
and county data available from ESRI to see if the coastline is good enough.  Chris Castiglione
will look at watershed coverages, and Andrew will continue with data layer investigations.  It
was decided that National Wildlife Refuge Boundaries and Soils data layers would be moved
from the "Regional" CD to the "Focus" CD, in order to conserve space.  

Focus Area
The team decided that there would be only one focus area, not two (one for each geographic
region).  Looking for a refuge in the center of the region, the Team decided that the Wallkill
National Wildlife Refuge (Hamburg quad) would be the focus area.

A discussion on projections (specifically:  decimal degrees, Albers, UTM, and state plane feet)
resulted in a decision to use UTM (zones 17, 18, and 19) for the Jump Start GIS, with NAD83 as
the datum.  The data sets, in their entirety, will be projected for each of the three zones in the
region.  This will provide each field station with an entire data set that is most accurately
projected around their station, with gradually increasing spatial error to the far East/West edges.

Draft Order Form
A draft User's Manual was presented by Michelle, who asked for comments and suggestions.

Linda checked to see if Arc Explorer v.2 would be out soon.  A release date has not yet been
established, so the Jump Start GIS will use v.1.1.

Time Frame
Michelle suggested that we test the product before finalizing it, and Andrew mentioned that the
August Project Leaders' meeting (the original, self-imposed deadline for a final product) was
just for Refuges.  Ecoteam meetings were suggested as a possible forum for presenting the Jump
Start GIS.  Linda will check the calendar for Project Leaders meetings.

Kimber talked to NCTC about a possible date for the R5 GIS Workshop, and suggested the first
week of December.  Ralph recommended that it should be held in January.  Kimber will
investigate that possibility with NCTC.