Region 5 GIS Coordination Team Meeting Minutes

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office - Hadley, MA

The Region 5 GIS Coordination Team met on February 15 at 1:15 pm at the Regional Office. Linda Shaffer organized and chaired the meeting, which was attended by the following members:

Realty/Cartography and Spatial Data Services Linda Shaffer
RW/Planning Bill Zinni
FR/Great Lakes Chris Castiglione
Coastal Ecosystems Programs Andrew MacLachlan
RW/Planning Michelle Babione

Representatives from the National Wetlands Inventory and ES Field Offices were unable to attend.

1. We reviewed the evaluation forms from the 2001 R5 GIS Workshop. Results were very positive with 33 responses (out of 72 attendees) to the evaluation form. Chris summarized the responses to the evaluation form and the R5 GIS Team questionnaire. Michelle provided a further analysis of the evaluation form results. It's noteworthy that the lowest average response on the 8 questions, requiring a rating of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, was 4.15. Written comments on the evaluation form and R5 GIS Team questionnaire were mostly positive with many attendees indicating their willingness to volunteer their services to the coordination effort.

2. Andrew summarized the main points of the Wednesday afternoon coordination discussion. We agreed that the Team needs to further discuss a vision for the future. Now that we've published the KickStart GIS package and users are ready for more data, technical support, and coordination, we're at a crossroads as to what the future of GIS in Region 5 should look like.

3. Marci Caplis arranged for representatives from the Team to brief the RDT on March 23, 2001 in the RDT Conference Room. The briefing will serve to summarize the results of the workshop and give recommendations on any new initiatives. We discussed who will do the presentation and discussed the points we'd like to get across. After a lengthy and broad discussion, we agreed to review a draft of the main points and discuss it further at our next meeting.

4. It was noted that Chuck Hayes (RW-Atlantic Coast Joint Venture), Beth Goettel (RW-Field Office), and Norm Olson (RW-Planning) no longer serve on the R5 GIS Coordination Team. We thank them for their service.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Action Items

1. Linda will consult with IRM to establish a R5 GIS User Lotus Notes email group. The group will include all R5 employees who attended the May 1999 and the January 2001 R5 GIS Workshops. The address list will be used to make announcements of interest to all R5 GIS Users.

2. Mike Drummond will update the R5 GIS Resources booklet. Chris will forward the updates to Mike.

3. Andrew will provide a summary of the Workshop Coordination discussion to Linda.

4. Linda will provide a draft RDT briefing outline to the Team for review by all. Andrew and Michelle will brief the RDT on March 23.

5. Someone, (WHO??) will update the list of technical support contacts (currently in the KickStart GIS Manual) with the names of those who volunteered via the workshop evaluation form.

Next Meeting

The Team will meet on March 5, 2001 at 10:00 am in Linda's office.