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Fishery biologist caring for experimental tanks in the NEFC wet lab. (Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)

The Fish Technology Center works on many fronts to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of fish culture and management. A key element in fishery restoration and management is technology development. Fish Technology Centers were established in 1965 to develop and improve fish culture techniques and provide assistance and advice on fish culture to National Fish Hatcheries, other Federal and State agencies, Tribes, other Nations, and the aquaculture industry. The importance of Fish Technology Centers became clear as fishery managers became increasingly aware of the need to produce fish that are healthy, genetically diverse, and well-adapted to fishery management objectives.

Today the Service's seven Fish Technology Centers provide cutting-edge technology and scientific information to fish hatcheries and fishery managers - knowledge critical to their ability to continue to manage fishery resources. The Fish Technology Centers comprise a national network, each complementing the other in the effort to conserve and restore the Nation's fisheries. The roles and responsibilities of the Fish Technology Centers have also grown to include the recovery of endangered, threatened, and declining fish stocks.

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Last updated: December 16, 2015
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