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Northeast Region
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Location of the NEFC

Welcome to the Northeast Fishery Center

Located in Lamar, PA, the Complex consists of a Fish Technology Center, Fish Health Center, and the Population Ecology Branch.  The Center's mission is to develop and transfer technology and scientific expertise in the fields of fish culture, fish health, population monitoring & assessment, and conservation genetics. Through its work the Center seeks to better understand aquatic resources and their ecosystems, to assist resource managers in making sound decisions that build sustainable fisheries, recover endangered and threatened species, and sustain healthy ecosystems and habitats throughout the northeastern United States and along the Atlantic coast.





Images from NEFC Credit: USFWS - NEFC

(Photo Credit: USFWS - NEFC)






U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Northeast Fishery Center
P.O. Box 75
308 Washington Ave.
Lamar, PA 16848
Phone: (570) 726-4247



Last updated: September 20, 2016
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