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candy darter
Although darters in general make up 20 percent of freshwater fish species in North America, candy darters are found only in a portion of West Virginia and Virginia.
Credit: T. Travis Brown

Endangered Species Act Protections Proposed for One of North America’s Most Vivid Freshwater Fish

October 3, 2017 - Visit the fast-flowing streams of Virginia and West Virginia’s upper Kanawha River Basin, and you might be lucky enough to witness flashes of teal, red and orange from the minnow-like candy darter. But with the latest data indicating a declining trend for the species, this vibrant freshwater fish could soon be protected under the Endangered Species Act. Following a review of the best available scientific information, the Service proposed to list the candy darter as threatened under the ESA. Nearly half of the 35 candy darter populations known when the species was first described in 1932 have now disappeared.

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Published on: Tuesday, October 03,2017

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