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A coiled rattlesnake tan with black bands
Eastern timber rattlesnakes are listed as threatened in New York.
Photo by Trisha M Shears

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helps bring Swamp Brother to justice for for illegal reptile trafficking in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Robert Keszey, former host of the Discovery Channel show “Swamp Brothers”, and Robroy MacInnes of Florida were recently sentenced on charges of conspiracy and trafficking in protected timber rattlesnakes and endangered Eastern indigo snakes. A federal judge in Philadelphia sentenced the co-owners of reptile dealership Glades Herp Farm, Inc. to at least a year in prison for their role in trafficking in state and federally protected reptiles.

Between 2006 and 2008, the defendants collected protected snakes from the wild in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, purchased protected eastern timber rattlesnakes that had been illegally collected from the wild in New York, and transported eastern indigo snakes, which are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act, from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Press release
USFWS Northeast Law Enforcement

Published on: Tuesday, December 09,2014

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