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Endangered Karner blue butterfly
Karner blue butterfly, one of the species that will benefit from the Service's Cooperative Recovery Initiative.
Credit: USFWS

Service helps recover Karner blue butterflies at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge in New Hampshire

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, through its Cooperative Recovery Initiative, is committing $5.8 million this year to 17 projects for recovery of some of the nation’s most at-risk species on or near national wildlife refuges. Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, New Hampshire is receiving $233,500 in funding for recovery of the endangered Karner blue butterfly. The project at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge aims to restore pine barrens habitat at the refuge and boost the population of the rare Karner blue butterfly from 1,500 to 3,000, sustained over five years. The Cooperative Recovery Initiative combines funding from many programs and was established in 2013 to restore and recover federally listed species on or near national wildlife refuges and surrounding lands.

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Published on: Thursday, April 24,2014

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