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A duck with a large bill rests on a coral colored rock
Common eiders will benefit from a grant protecting estuarine habitat from Maine's Cores Peninsula to Machias Bay.
Credit: Amanda Boyd/USFWS

Northeastern birds to benefit from habitat protection

September 13, 2013: Migratory bird habitat will improve in four northeastern region states thanks to grants and land additions approved yesterday by the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission.

Conservation partners in Maine, Connecticut and New Jersey were awarded $3.9 million through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act U.S. Standard Grants program for four projects that will protect, restore and enhance wetlands and adjacent upland habitats. Partners matched the grants with more than $10 million to the benefit of dozens of species of waterfowl, shorebirds, seabirds and songbirds, including American black ducks, common eiders, roseate terns, piping plovers and eastern kingbirds.

In addition to the grants, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland was one of several national wildlife refuges approved to add acreage through boundary additions and purchases. A 201-acre tract of forested wetlands, marsh and open water that is habitat for variety of waterfowl will be acquired.

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Projects funded through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act U.S. Standard Grant Program
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Published on: Friday, September 13,2013

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