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Bog turtle
The bog turtle is protected under the Endangered Species Act and has suffered heavily from habitat loss.
Credit: Gary Peeples/USFWS

Endangered species funding will protect bog turtles in New Jersey, Pennsylvania

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced $702,500 in grants for the purchase of 260 acres contributing to the long-term protection of the threatened bog turtle across the two states. The cooperative grants, authorized by Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act, provide vital support to states working with partners to acquire and protect habitat benefiting threatened and endangered wildlife.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will work with multiple partners, including The Nature Conservancy and National Wildlife Refuge System, to purchase land in Monroe County that will extend a growing network of protected bog turtle habitat and important landscape features. The protection of this property will also benefit other species of greatest conservation need, including the American eel, dwarf wedgemussel, northeastern bulrush and the Indiana bat.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Natural Lands Management will team with partners to secure several parcels in Sussex County that provide bog turtle habitat and areas that connect turtle populations and maintain the hydrology needed for these unique wetlands.

“The recovery of the bog turtle depends on habitat protection, and with these grants, Pennsylvania and New Jersey will make great strides in their commitment to this effort,” said Dr. Alison Whitlock, Service coordinator for Section 6 grants and bog turtle recovery. “The Service is very pleased to be working with our state partners to secure these lands for the bog turtle and the many associated species dependent on these critical wetlands.”

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Published on: Tuesday, July 09,2013

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