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New England cottontail
The New England cottontail depends on a special type of habitat, young forest and shrublands, which also provides food, shelter and places to raise young for a variety of other animals.
Credit: Brian Tefft, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

Hoppin' down the conservation trail, bringing back a rare rabbit

With spring’s arrival, we can expect to see young rabbits hopping around our yards and gardens. You probably won’t see the region’s only native rabbit, the New England cottontail, which is found in the thick tangles and vines of just five spots across New England and New York. This rabbit has lost 86 percent of its historic range since the 1960s. State, federal, local and private partners are following a strategic plan and working together to bring the rabbit back and to create the young forest and shrubland habitat that it depends on.

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Published on: Wednesday, March 27,2013

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