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Horseshoe crabs
In April 2006, the Bermuda Islander spilled oil that impacted about 40 miles of Delaware Bay shoreline that are vital to migratory shorebirds that stop mid-journey to feed on horseshoe crab eggs.
Credit: Greg Breese/USFWS

Officials release release draft plan for restoring Delaware Bay from 2006 Bermuda Islander oil spill

Federal and state agencies have received $270,000 in settlement funds to restore conditions for fish, birds, sensitive habitats, horseshoe crabs and recreational use of the Delaware Bay areas that were impacted in 2006 by an oil spill from the vessel Bermuda Islander. Officials propose to use funds for three projects, include restoring marsh near the mouth of the Mispillion River, restoring the Mispillion Harbor Swain's Beach, and adding educational signs along Delaware Bay beaches. The draft restoration plan is available for public comment through March 1, 2013.


Published on: Wednesday, February 13,2013

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