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Piping plover
Five piping plover chicks and 12 adults were estimated to have been killed.
Credit: USFWS

State and federal officials release final piping plover restoration plan associated with the Bouchard Barge 120 oil spill

The Natural Resource Damages Trustee Council for the Bouchard Barge 120 oil spill today released a final restoration plan and environmental assessment for state and federally threatened piping plovers impacted by the 2003 spill in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The plan describes the injuries resulting from the 98,000-gallon spill that oiled roughly 100 miles of shoreline, including beaches where piping plovers feed and nest. To help restore piping plovers, the trustees will use $715,000 from the settlement to implement an enhanced management program at selected breeding sites on private and public land in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The program consists of a three-part approach, including targeted predator management, increased enforcement of local beach ordinances on plover-nesting beaches, and public outreach and education. Sites will be chosen based on landowner interest and permission, benefits to piping plovers, proximity to the spill location and other criteria.

News release
Fact sheet (PDF)
Final restoration plan (PDF)

Published on: Thursday, January 10,2013

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