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Wildlife Biologist and Veteran Scott Frickey

Honoring Our Veterans: Scott Frickey

Scott Frickey grew up in rural south west Pennsylvania and thought that the military would provide new opportunities for world travel, new experiences and help with college tuition. He joined the Air Force after graduating high school in 1991 and served for 6 years of active duty. In 2000 Frickey joined the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and was recently promoted to SMSgt (E-8). Frickey is currently a wildlife biologist in the Division of Migratory Birds in the Northeast Regional Office, having recently moving east from Juneau, AK where he was the Bald Eagle Permit Coordinator. When reflecting upon his experiences in the military Frickey says, “The military has really opened my eyes to different backgrounds, cultures, religions, lifestyles and philosophical viewpoints. I think these lessons have helped me make the most of my career in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I can better put myself in the shoes of another person and understand their objectives, and either relay information back so they understand or strive to work together for a mutually beneficial situation. And no matter what the situation, I always keep a sense of humor.”

Published on: Thursday, November 15,2012

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