Northeast Eastern Cougar Blog: Cougar killed in Connecticut passed through northeast New York

Cougar killed in Connecticut passed through northeast New York

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed this week that the mountain lion killed in Milford, Conn., in June 2011 was seen in Lake George, N.Y., in December 2010.

A resident of the town alerted NYSDEC after seeing it in her backyard on December 16. The following day, the state collected hair samples and took photographs of the tracks. DNA analysis confirmed that the hairs were from the same mountain lion killed in Connecticut and tracked through Minnesota and Wisconsin in late 2009 and early 2010.

A trail camera photographed a young cougar in Oconto County, Wisconsin, in May 2010, and another camera later captured the image of a cougar in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The identity of these is not certain.

The last confirmed mountain lion sighting in New York was a 7.5-pound kitten shot in Saratoga County on Dec. 31, 1993. Characteristics of the kitten, including lesions on the footpads suggestive of captivity on a rough concrete surface and genetics from South American subspecies, suggest it was likely an escaped or released captive cougar.

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Maureen U.'s Gravatar 8-21-11, 730 am, I was on White Memorial Conversation Center's boardwalk, approaching bridge, spotted animal, walked closer, and it was a tawny-gold, full sized mountain lion. I stopped; it spotted me and walked ahead down the boardwalk. I watched with naked eyes, then with binoculars until it was out of sight in brush. I confirmed what I saw online and it was a mountain lion. I won't be able to walk alone there again, though it did not threaten me, it was scary to see it yards ahead of me. I waited for others to come up behind me before I could walk to my car. M.U.
# Posted By Maureen U. | 8/21/11 10:45 AM
James Close's Gravatar Hmmm..... still another CT cougar not accounted for?
# Posted By James Close | 8/24/11 2:49 PM
John Livatino's Gravatar I spotted a mountain lion last night in northern virginia with 100% certainty. Easily was 150lbs - 200lbs. The mountain lion crossed the road at the intersection of lime kiln and groveton rd in purcellville, northern virginia. Was no further than 10ft in front my car, then moved to side of road where it perched on a beef farms rock wall, where it looked back at us, made eye contact, and waved its tail. Then it jumped into the field of beef cows. I have seen mountain lions in captivity before, and this mountain lion was in my cars headlights and under a streetlight. There is no question about the animals identity as I looked clearly at it, and it did not run away quickly, it was not scared. Local authorities and the state of virginia are denying the existence of these beautiful animals so they can continue to build and develop the land the animals live on. Something needsm to be done, Please contact me,
# Posted By John Livatino | 10/22/11 1:20 PM
's Gravatar about 3 or 4 days after hurricane sandy while driving in the rural town of loganton , pa . just off 477 south about a mile , I encountered a mountain lion crossing the road . it was between 9 and 10 feet in length, tail and all. dry grass brown in color and appeared to be in excellent health by its size and muscle tone. ive been wonderiing if there have been any other sightings in the northcentral pa area since any info is appreciated .
# Posted By | 8/11/13 8:10 PM