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The following is a list of publications produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region. Publications are arranged by general topics. Some are online documents and direct links are given. All publications with numbers in the margin can be obtained free of charge as long as supplies last from: U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services-NWI, 300 Westgate Center Drive, Hadley, MA 01035-9589. Your request can be mailed in or emailed to On email, please note publication order in the subject block.

Note that new publications are marked with an asterisk *.

Wetland definition, classification and basic concepts

Wetland and riparian mapping

Wetland identification - Field Guides

Wetland delineation - Manuals / Articles

Hydric soils

Wetland plant lists / hydrophytes

Wetland plant - soil correlation studies

Regional wetland reports

State wetland reports

Wetland status and trend reports

Inventories of wetland change reports

Inventories of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites

Inventory reports / articles

Other regional wetland inventory reports / articles

Submerged aquatic vegetation surveys

Wetland restoration and creation (including stream buffers)

Wetland monitoring

Wetland evaluation / assessment

Watershed-based wetland studies: Characterization and preliminary functional assessment, wetland restoration, and overall ecological integrity

Wetland protection

Fact sheets


Powerpoint presentations

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Last updated: July 21, 2017