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Northeast Region
National Wetlands Inventory: Wetlands Mapping

Mapping Status

Nearly all the Region has been mapped, and a significant number of areas have been updated at least once. Only the Adirondack region and a few small areas in New York have not been mapped. Updated NWI data based on 1990s or 2000s imagery are available for New Jersey, Rhode Island, much of the Maine and Massachusetts coasts, parts of western Vermont, Long Island (N.Y.), Pennsylvania's Poconos Region, part of northeastern Maryland, the lower Delmarva Peninsula, and much of eastern and southwestern Virginia.

Accessing Map and Other Wetland Data

Map data for standard NWI mapping projects and special projects can be accessed via the "Wetlands One-Stop Mapping" web site:

This web site contains links to national and state datasets that provide useful information on the location, type, and distribution of wetlands along with information on soil properties, watershed boundaries, stream locations, plant community descriptions, and other topics of interest for people who want to learn more about wetlands in general as well as for specific sites.

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Last updated: May 12, 2017