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Northeast Region
2015 Hydropower Training Materials

In February 2015, the Regional Office hosted a 3-day hydropower training for Federal, State and Tribal representatives. The goal of the training was to familiarize staff new to hydropower work with the different FERC licensing processes, the statutory authorities granted to agencies through the Federal Power Act, Federal tribal trust responsibilities, typical resource concerns associated with hydropower projects, how to conduct impact analyses and use results to develop recommendations, terms and conditions, prescriptions and water quality certifications, how settlement agreements are developed, and the fishway prescription process post-EPAct 2005. Over 120 people participated in the training (81 in person and 41 remotely), representing seven federal agencies, nine states, and two tribes.

Training Agenda
List of Presenters & Participants

Name of Talk Presenter/Affiliation
What are FERC and the FPA? Liz Molloy/FERC
What is a hydropower project and types of hydropower authorizations Brandon Cherry/FERC
FERC's licensing processes, intervention, rehearing Emily Carter/FERC
Study plan development and dispute resolution Emily Carter/FERC
FERC's website Rachel Price/FERC
Comprehensive plans Rachel Price/FERC
Endangered Species Act consultation – FWS Glenn Smith/FWS
Endangered Species Act consultation – NOAA Jeff Murphy/NOAA
Endangered Species Act consultation – FERC Mike Tust/FERC
Overview of project impacts Melissa Grader/FWS
Checklist of resource concerns Melissa Grader/FWS
Roles, responsibilities & authorities – State Jeff Crocker/Vermont
Roles, responsibilities & authorities – FWS Frankie Green/FWS
Roles, responsibilities & authorities – NPS Kevin Mendik/NPS
Roles, responsibilities & authorities – BIA Harold Peterson/BIA
Roles, responsibilities & authorities – NOAA Sean McDermott/NOAA
DWA Section 401 Water Quality Certification Jeff Crocker/Vermont
Federal Tribal trust responsibility Bella Wolitz/DOI
FPA Recommendations, terms & conditions, prescriptions Andrew Tittler/DOI
Post-licensing involvement & compliance Larry Miller/FWS
Fishway inspections Brett Towler/FWS
Safe, Timely & Effective fish passage Alex Hoar/FWS
Diagram of fish passage terms Alex Hoar/FWS
Fish Passage Engineering Overview Brett Towler/FWS
Surrender, revocation, dam removal Liz Molloy/FERC
Settlement agreements Andrew Tittler/DOI
Settlement agreements – Lessons learned Steve Patch/FWS
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Jeff Kipp/ASMFC
History of Fish Passage Public Policy Alex Hoar/FWS
Prescriptions for fishways Alex Hoar/FWS
FWS fish passage decision tree Alex Hoar/FWS
Trial Type Hearings on fishway prescriptions Andrew Tittler/DOI

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Last updated: July 20, 2015