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About Federal Consultation

Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act, "Interagency Cooperation," requires that a federal agency consult with the Service whenever the agency may directly or indirectly affect a listed species, through its own activities, or through actions that it permits, funds or authorizes.

Federal agency compliance with sections 7(a)(1) and 7(a)(2) of the ESA play important roles in achieving the species conservation purposes of the Endangered Species Act. Section 7(a)(1) provides a clear conservation mandate that directs each federal agency to proactively develop programs for the conservation of each endangered species that it can affect within its authorities.

Section 7(a)(2) not only prohibits federal agencies from authorizing, funding or carrying out actions that are likely to jeopardize the continued existence of listed species, but it also requires that agency actions are consistent with recovery of the species they affect.

Without this conservation mandate, section 7 would operate simply as a permitting program that could further imperil listed species. Implemented properly, the 7(a)(1)-7(a)(2) paradigm functions as conservation program for listed species that helps federal agencies and their applicants achieve their primary missions with greater certainty and increased regulatory efficiency.

Federal agency employees and private consultants are encourage to enroll in consultation training at the Service's National Conservation Training Center (search for course code CSP3116).

Reviews under sections 7 (consultation) and 10 (incidental take permitting) are conducted by our field offices throughout the region.

Please contact the field office for your state regarding requests for early coordination, species list requests, species survey protocol, and other information relating to ESA project reviews.




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Last updated: April 4, 2019