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Meagan Racey

Meagan Racey, Public Affairs Specialist

Regional Ecological Services Program

A Southerner at heart, Meagan Racey left Chapel Hill, N.C., in 2010 to test herself as a public affairs specialist in New England. She has devoted her work at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to promoting the preservation of healthy outdoors. Racey divvies her time between communication programs and product development for our field offices from Virginia north to Maine. The subjects for those programs and products range from endangered animals and wind energy to polluted wetlands and young forest stewardship.

Her four years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were spent working with local and statewide print and online news outlets. She can churn out human-interest features, carve video packages, whip stories into shape for print and the Web, and fiddle with tables and maps.

In the office, she's part of a public affairs team that seeks to reconnect Americans with their childhood backyards, gardens and woods, and then expand that nostalgia to a respect and pride for resources we share. With our conservation partners, we're looking to connect ongoing research with the environmental needs we have as a country. With our industry publics, we're finding ways to meet development demands while protecting our wildlife.

"At work, I'm destined to have an iPhone clipped to one pants pocket and a Blackberry on the other, but I jump at a chance to disconnect and build my relationship with Mother Nature," Racey says. "A few of my favorite ways to get to know Massachusetts are through hiking, camping and kayaking."

She can also play the trombone for your listening pleasure, lecture about Southern authors and show you embarrassing footage from her days as a cheerleader.

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Last updated: February 28, 2017