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Barbara Douglas, Senior Endangered Species Biologist

West Virginia Field Office

Barbara Douglas has been with the West Virginia Field Office since 1998. Douglas started in the Conservation Planning Assistance Branch, where she focused on river and wetlands conservation, and then moved into the Endangered Species Program in 2003.

Douglas works on all aspects of the Endangered Species Act, and in any one week, she can be found doing listing evaluations to determine whether a species should receive federal protection, working with project planners to make sure that their projects don't harm endangered species, and developing projects to recover populations.

With fish, plants, mussels and bats, West Virginia's diverse list of species means that Douglas gets to work on a different issue or species each day. Working in a small office in a rural state means that there are few resources to get things done. As a result, Douglas finds that the most effective conservation efforts come from developing cooperative relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and then finding creative solutions to get things done.

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Last updated: February 28, 2017