Schoolyard Habitat Program
Northeast Region
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Schoolyard Habitat Program

How It Works

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and our Partners provide on-site technical assistance to educators, administrators, students, and community members who wish to create a vibrant outdoor classroom and wildlife habitat on their school grounds.

We lead school communities through the three major steps of project formation:
Initiate, Create and Incorporate.

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During the Initiate Phase, schools form a schoolyard habitat leadership team and work with members of that team to gather the school community's ideas for their habitat.

During the Create Phase, the school implements their Master Plan. During the Incorporate Phase, the school cummunity talks about and uses their new habitat and outdoor classroom.

The Schoolyard Habitat Program helps teachers and students create wildlife habitat at their own schools. Typical projects include wetlands, meadows, forests and variations based on specific ecoregions. Many projects are planned through multiple phases and change over time as children from various classes build upon the existing work of past students.

Last updated: May 22, 2014