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Getting your family outdoors can be as simple as opening the door to the backyard or as exciting as going camping.

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Educators play a critical role in inspiring young people to have a positive impact on the natural environment.

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Spend time outside exploring your backyard, neighborhood park or a National Wildlife Refuge.

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Find out how to create an outdoor classroom and wildlife habitat on your school grounds.

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About the Program

What does it mean to be connected with nature? The feel of grass beneath your feet, the rain on your face or even the sensation of beach sand running through your fingersĀ  - all of these things are part of our relationship with nature. When was the last time you went outside to simply sit and listen to a morning chorus of birds or to the steady rumble of wood frogs in some distant forest pool? For many of us these experiences are simply brief escapes, moments of peace in an otherwise busy and stressful day, but for our children these moments are the world. Taking the time to introduce our children to nature and to educate them about the wonders of the environment they live in allows them to develop a sense of place, an understanding of the natural world that will continue to teach and inspire them for a lifetime.

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Read some great stories about how friends and partners are connecting with nature.

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Last updated: June 13, 2014