Conservation in a Changing Climate
Northeast Region

Adapting to Climate Change in the Mid-Atlantic

March 23-25
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cambridge, Maryland

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Thursday, March 25

Plenary Session 5

8:45 am Collaborative Adaptation Programs and Tools: A Panel Discussion

Objective: Participants will learn about new and ongoing programs that provide useful information for planners and managers working on climate adaption issues. The panel will discuss what makes each program unique and how the programs interact. A half hour will be provided for questions from participants.

8:45 am Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, (LCCs) – Rick Bennett, Regional Scientist, NE Region, US Fish and Wildlife Service

9:00 am Cooperative Ecosystem Study Units (CESU) - Tom Fish, Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit Coordinator

9:15 am National and Regional Climate Science at the Department of the Interior - Robin O’Malley, U.S. Geological Survey

9:30 am Climate-Smart Sanctuaries and NOAA’s Climate Service – Jim Sullivan, National Marine Sanctuaries Program, NOAA

9:45 am The Role of Inventory and Monitoring Programs in Climate Change Assessment and AdaptationShawn Carter, Climate Change Monitoring Coordinator, National Park Service and Andrew Gude, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, representing National Wildlife Refuge Inventory and Monitoring Program

10:15 am Climate Effects Network – National and Regional Monitoring for Climate Change – Pete Murdoch, Climate Effects Network Program Manager, U.S. Geological Survey

10:30 am Interactive Discussions with Panelists and Workshop Participants- Moderator, Marvin Moriarty, Northeast Regional Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

11:00 am Summary address: Finding Common Ground in Climate Adaptation - Curtis Fisher, Regional Executive Director, Northeast Regional Center, National Wildlife Federation

Objective: Share a vision of how non-governmental organizations and government agencies can collaborate in the Mid-Atlantic region to strengthen ecosystem resilience from climate change impacts through joint adaptation actions.

11:45 am Wrap up and Next Steps - Dave Russ, Northeast Regional Executive, U.S. Geological Survey


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