Conservation in a Changing Climate
Northeast Region

Climate Change in the Northeast: 

Index Card Questions
June 5, 2008 (Day 3)

  1. When are we going to address the elephants in the room?  For example, how do we decide (implies triage) when to stop spending limited resources on Atlantic salmon or some other lost cause species?   
    • Why are we restoring Eastern Brook Trout?
  2. Given predicted long-term change, how do we determine what we are managing for (e.g., which habitat type) if we think the future will be quite different from the present?
  3. What collaborative approaches with other partners would be useful to you in addressing climate issues in your area?
    • Managers of Parks, Refuges, and all public lands should be encouraged to work closely and actively to acquire lands or conservation easements on lands in proximity to existing public lands “increasing connectivity.” Decreases fragmentation and will provide more adaptation options and more flexibility in adaptive management approaches. Public protected land boundaries were “set” originally with a notion that these habitats were stationary; we are learning that they are not. We need to actively expand boundaries of protected lands to ensure that habitats for critical species do not disappear.
  4. Collaboration opportunity
    • Appalachian Trail Mega-Transect: New program that encourages study of the Appalachian Trail region in a collaborative approach. NPS, USGS, and Forest Service already work together and other agencies, organizations, and individuals are welcome. Contact: Fred Dieffenbach, Environmental Monitoring Coordinator, 54 Elm Street, Woodstock, VT 05032. Telephone 802-457-3368, ext. 36, e-mail
  5. Will the agencies be redirecting or increasing their proportions of their budgets on solutions or will we continue to study?
  6. The public has heard the alarm; now they expect---and deserve---the natural resources agencies to give them options and answers to adapt. What are we going to do – not what are we going to study?
  7. Can a “Think Tank” or subcommittee be formed to continue collaboration with Feds, States, and NGOs?
  8. There was little (no?) mention of EPA’s Strategic Plan to address climate change. The Plan was recently announced and is open for comment. Did the agencies represented here have input to the proposed Plan? What relationship do your agencies have with EPA? Do you support the Plan? - John Felix
Last updated: December 16, 2011