Ecological Services
Northeast Region
Ongoing Damage Assessment and Restoration Cases

Trustees are conducting a number of damage assessment and restoration cases in the Northeast. Some of these cases are being conducted jointly with other Trustees, some are being conducted cooperatively with responsible parties, and some are being conducted with both.

For information on some of our current NRDAR cases, take a look at the following:


New England NRDAR cases (USFWS)
New York NRDAR cases (USFWS)
Northeast Region Damage Assessment Remediation and Restoration (NOAA DARP)


Hudson River case (USFWS)
Housatonic River
• Restoration Highlights
• Connecticut (Trustee Sub Council)
• Massachusetts (Trustee Sub Council)
Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Site (MA)

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Last updated: July 20, 2015